Be afraid of the criminal justice system, very afraid…

This link is to an interesting article on what the average person often faces in the criminal justice system and after the case (Koch is a libertarian, but that is a concept too complex for most journalists). We are the land of the free but lead the world in incarceration — we either have the worst people or a stealth police state. Don’t face it with some half-baked lawyer.

What cannot be stressed enough is the enormous resource disparity between the state and the individual. The state has, for most intents and purposes, unlimited time, money, and people it can throw at a case. The defendant often has to rely on the state to turn over evidence and has severe resource limits.

One bit of advice to anyone accused: if you hire a lawyer, make sure s/he is good. Get specifics (cases tried to verdict, for example) and VERIFY. I have had people chuck me as PD and pay some schlub $6K to plead straight up on a drug case that I would’ve gotten thrown out, and I have taken over cases as a private lawyer where I was able to improve the PD’s negotiation of a felony into a non-felony. If your sixth sense tells you that your lawyer sucks, s/he probably does. Call me: 702.701.4391.



Chris Arabia won a major drug trafficking case on July 16 when the District Court upheld a Justice Court decision to grant the defense motion to suppress evidence recovered as the result of an illegal vehicle search following a traffic stop.  Chris’ client had been facing 25 years in prison.

Smart, tough, and experienced.  Smart enough to see the potential illegality of the search and to know of a recent Nevada Supreme Court decision that turned out to be very helpful to the defense.  Tough enough to fight the case at the preliminary hearing (the co-defendant’s lawyer let his client plead to a “B” felony) and elicit beneficial testimony while cross-examining the police officer.  Experienced enough to combine the law and the evidence from the hearing into a compelling argument for the suppression (i.e. throwing out) of the illegally obtained evidence.

That’s the kind of guy you want defending you in a criminal case.

Bozo the Lawyer?

A lawyer in Iowa got hit with a one-year suspension from the practice of law.  He violated several rules of professional conduct (and the general rule of conduct that people–lawyers or otherwise–shouldn’t act like morons) when he convinced several of his clients to lend him the funds to enable a $178,000 transfer to Nigeria so that another of his clients could pay an “inheritance tax” and collect an $18 million estate from a “long lost relative.”

Yes, the lawyer fell for the Nigerian Scam.

I guarantee that if you hire my firm we will never take your real money and send it to Nigeria to facilitate collection of imaginary money.

Beyond Vegas: Better Service, Best Prices

We are a full service Nevada law firm.  In addition to covering Las Vegas and Clark County, we are the only law firm with regular scheduled appearances in the courts of Tonopah, Nevada, Beatty, Nevada, and Goldfield, Nevada (Nye County and Esmeralda County).

Other lawyers do not appear regularly in those courts, so each trip is a major expense and hassle.  This means they are going to be worried about keeping the number of trips to a minimum.  THAT’S NOT GOING TO BE GOOD FOR YOU!

We are there anyway, so we can and do provide the best service at the best prices.  Contact us!